Hemlock Bark

Introducing the unparalleled excellence of Hemlock Sliverless Bark, exclusively offered at Pacific Fibre Products. Experience the flawless fusion of beauty and functionality as you effortlessly transform your outdoor spaces into tranquil havens. Our superior bark options not only eliminate the risk of splinters, but also boast a stunning array of vibrant colors that perfectly complement your home. Revel in worry-free moments with our pet-friendly bark, enriched with exceptional weed suppression benefits. Elevate the allure of your landscape with our sliverless option, available in both radiant and deep shades. Bid farewell to inconveniences and embrace the natural splendor. Get in touch with our dedicated Bark Sales team and allow us to assist you in creating the outdoor oasis of your dreams. We eagerly await the opportunity to collaborate with you.

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Sliverless Hemlock Bark

Enhance your outdoor sanctuary with our exquisite selection of Hemlock Bark. Immerse yourself in nature’s elegance as vibrant colors seamlessly blend into your landscape. Experience the hassle-free bliss of our sliverless bark, perfect for all your flower bed needs. Ground to a medium texture, our Hemlock Bark comes in radiant and deep shades, ensuring a perfect match for your preferences. Discover the captivating beauty and exceptional practicality of sliverless Bark, available exclusively at Pacific Fibre Products. Create an outdoor oasis that inspires and delights. Contact our dedicated Bark Sales team today and let us assist you in bringing your dreams to life. Explore our Longview, Molalla, and North Plains locations to find the stunning appeal and practicality of our Medium Hemlock Bark (bright and dark). Unleash the true beauty of your landscape now.

Duane DeWeese

Bark Sales Manager


We look forward to working with you.