Hemlock Sliverless Bark

  • Discover the epitome of elegance and safety with our sliverless hemlock bark.
  • Indulge in worry-free enjoyment as you eliminate the risk of splinters, while still embracing the visual charm of bark.
  • Select a premium bark option that harmoniously combines beauty and functionality, transforming your outdoor spaces into a sanctuary of tranquility.

Medium Hemlock Bark (bright and dark)

A fantastic option to enhance the beauty of your landscape. With its rich and vibrant colors, this bark brings a touch of natural elegance to your outdoor space. It is sliverless, ensuring a hassle-free experience when working in your flower beds. Ground to a medium texture, our Hemlock Bark is available in Bright and Dark shades. Discover the stunning appeal and practicality of Hemlock Bark, available at our Longview, Molalla, and North Plains locations.


Duane DeWeese

Bark Sales Manager


Nate Marsh

Bark Sales


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