Organic Soil Blends

Unleash the potential of your garden by exploring our premium selection of organic soil blends. Choose from a diverse array of nutrient-rich and perfectly balanced soils, fostering nourishment and robust growth for your plants. Step into Pacific Fibre Products, your steadfast source for top-quality soil blends. Our unwavering dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly practices echoes through every organic blend we meticulously create. Trust in Pac Fibre Soils; you’re not just using effective products but also contributing to the well-being of your plants and the planet.

Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting out, our tailored range of 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way soil blends is meticulously designed to meet your garden’s unique needs. Experience the transformative effects of our carefully curated soil blends as they turn your outdoor space into a vibrant oasis. Embark on your journey to gardening success with Pacific Fibre Products.

We take immense pride in our product line, exclusively comprising soil blends crafted from pure organic materials. Our steadfast commitment ensures our blends remain entirely free from any chemical additives, preserving their intrinsic natural and organic essence.

Reveal your garden’s full potential with our Organic Soil Blends Collection

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Discover our revitalized 2-Way organic Soil

2-Way Blend

Discover our revitalized 2-Way Soil, tailored for diverse landscaping applications. This versatile blend, comprising sand and forest humus, serves as an ideal choice for turf top dressing, spot seeding, and new planting areas. Whether you aim to level uneven terrain, enhance your lawn’s aesthetics, or establish fresh planting zones, our 2-Way Soil is your ultimate solution.

Boasting a pH level of 5.9, it creates optimal conditions for successful turf growth. Now accessible at our Longview, Molalla, and Weiser locations, you can harness the advantages of this rejuvenated product for all your landscaping endeavors.


seize the opportunity to acquire this top-quality 3- way organic soil blend

3-Way Blend

Prepare your lawn effortlessly for seed application with our tailored 3-Way Soil blend. This exceptional mixture combines nutrient-rich forest humus, premium topsoil, sand, and essential amendments. Boasting a balanced pH of 5.5, our 3-Way Soil creates an optimal environment for robust seed germination and the establishment of a vibrant, enduring lawn.

Now conveniently available for pickup in Longview, WA, Molalla, OR, North Plains, OR, and Weiser, ID, seize the opportunity to acquire this top-quality soil blend and set the foundation for a lush and healthy lawn that will thrive for years to come.


organic soil blend offering  4- way

4-Way Blend

Meet our nutrient-rich 4-Way Soil, meticulously crafted for vegetable gardens and as a superior top dressing for existing garden beds. This powerful blend merges organic compost, forest humus, topsoil, sand, and vital amendments. With a balanced pH of 6.2, our 4-Way Soil nurtures an enriching environment, fostering robust root development for thriving plants in your vegetable garden. Additionally, it revitalizes existing beds, ensuring a bountiful harvest.

Currently exclusively available at our Longview location, keep an eye out as it soon arrives at Molalla, OR, and Weiser, ID. Elevate your gardening experience with this premium soil blend from Pacific Fibre Products.


Experience our premium 5-Way organic Soil blend

5-Way Potting Mix

Experience our premium 5-Way Soil, an intricately crafted potting soil blend engineered to bolster plant growth while facilitating superior drainage. This exceptional blend stands as a versatile house blend, meeting all your diverse planting demands. Enriched with pumice and meticulously selected amendments, our 5-Way Soil ensures optimal aeration and moisture management for your plants.

With a pH of 6.8, this top-tier blend creates an ideal growing medium, fostering the health and vitality of plants in any environment. Currently accessible in Longview and soon arriving in Molalla, get ready to elevate your gardening prowess with this high-quality soil blend from Pacific Fibre Products.


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