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At Pacific Fibre, excellence is our hallmark. As a distinguished manufacturer and wholesaler, we are recognized for consistently delivering the highest quality products, including pulp wood chips, bark, and soil

Explore our esteemed Pac Fibre Soils “Canby Division.” Specialized in professional-grade soils, expanding our offerings.

Our Products

Pacific Fibre Products, a family-owned company rooted in integrity and excellence, deeply values reliability in both its products and its people. Our journey commenced after the Mt. St. Helens eruption, when a timberland customer recognized our unwavering commitment to service. They entrusted us to manage a portable chipper amidst the blown-down timber, marking our establishment in Longview and catalyzing our growth.

Under the guidance of the Lemmons family, our expansion unfolded, welcoming the Northplains division in the mid-90s and later the Molalla division, specializing in bark and chip production. Acknowledging the significance of bark as a byproduct, we established a flourishing bark program, broadening the horizons of our operations. Reliability, to us, extends beyond products—it embodies the indispensability of dependable, dedicated individuals for our successes.

With facilities in Central Point and Weiser, we steadfastly uphold our motto: “nothing beats reliability in products or people.” This creed remains our guiding principle, steering our unwavering commitment to exceptional products and unparalleled service for our esteemed clientele. Our vision remains resolute, committed to upholding the highest standards of reliability, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence.

Pacific Fibre Truck
Pacific Fibre Train

Northwest Roots

Our presence spans Longview, WA, North Plains, OR, Molalla, OR, Central Point, OR, and Weiser, ID, deeply ingraining Pacific Fibre in the Pacific Northwest. Partnered with Lemmons Trucking since inception, we ensure seamless wood chip transportation to local paper mills and deliver premium bark and soil products to customers near our production sites. Through our fleet of rail cars, we’ve forged a robust rail transportation network, extending distribution nationwide, reaching as far east as Iowa. Utilizing freight trucks, we ensure efficient and reliable delivery. Celebrate our strong roots and the dedication of our 200+ exceptional employees.

Now Hiring

Exciting Opportunities Await!

Explore exciting career opportunities with Pacific Fibre Products and Lemmons Trucking, and be part of our enduring legacy. Join the next wave of skilled individuals driving our expansion and strengthening the successes of our reputable company. Visit our Careers page today to explore available positions and become an integral part of our ongoing achievements in the forest products industry.

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Nothing Beats Reliability in Products or People

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