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Producing & delivering top-quality wood chip & bark products to the western United States for over 35 years.

Pacific Fibre Products is happy to announce the opening of our newest bark processor in Weiser Idaho. 

Pacific Fibre Products is proud to add the Pac Fibre Soils “Canby Division” to our business. 

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Family Owned & Operated

Pacific Fibre began operating a portable chipper in 1982 following the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. The Company subsequently set up operations in Longview, WA and moved to its current main location during the 1980’s.

The Company remains family owned under the leadership of second and third generation owners active in the business. Pacific Fibre and Lemmons Trucking pride ourselves on the family way the business is run.

Pacific Fibre Truck
Pacific Fibre Train

Native to the Northwest

Pacific Fibre operates through plant locations in Longview Washington, North Plains Oregon, Molalla Oregon, Central Point Oregon and Weiser Idaho. Pacific Fibre manufactures wood chips which are sold to area paper mills, and a large variety of beauty bark and landscaping industry products. Our bark products are shipped throughout the Western US by Lemmons Trucking and by our fleet of 46 gondola railcars.

Pacific Fibre and Lemmons Trucking are proud of our heritage in the forest products industry and of our NW roots. We are also proud of the quality work done by our team of over 200 hard-working employees.

Now Hiring

Applications are now available on our Careers page for both Pacific Fibre Products and Lemmons Trucking.

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