Nugget Bark Offerings

  • Embark on a journey through our selection of nugget or chunk bark, available in various sizes.
  • Infuse your landscape with an eye-catching and distinctive element, showcasing the natural beauty of our bark products.
  • Revel in the lasting durability and enchanting allure that our nugget or chunk bark brings to your outdoor spaces.
Nugget bark collection- Mini Pebble

Mini Pebble Nugget Bark (1/4 to 3/8 in.)

Enhance your landscape effortlessly with our visually appealing Douglas Fir Nugget Bark. Meticulously screened and sized at 1/4 to 3/8, it offers excellent coverability and versatile application. Transform lawns, flower beds, and plant areas with ease, whether professionally applied or as a DIY project.Available in Longview, Molalla, Central Point, Weiser


Nugget Bark Collection - Small Nugget

Small Nugget Bark (3/8 to 1 in.)

Unveil the beauty of our top-selling Douglas Fir Nugget Bark, sized from 3/8 to 1 inch. Meticulously screened for a clean and uniform look, it eliminates fines and white wood. Enjoy effortless maintenance with easy raking and blowing, leaving no messy residue. Ideal for commercial and residential landscapes, our Douglas Fir Nugget Bark adds natural charm with ease.Available in Longview, Northplains, Molalla, Central Point, Weiser


Nugget Bark Collection - medium Nugget

Medium Nugget Bark (1 to 2 in.)

Transform your commercial landscape with our Medium Douglas Fir Nuggets (1 to 2 inches). These meticulously screened and rounded nuggets offer a uniform charm. Use them around water features, pathways, and tree rings, benefiting from their resilience in windy areas. Elevate your outdoor spaces with these captivating nuggets to add a touch of natural elegance. Find them available in various locations: Longview, Northplains, Molalla, Central Point, and Weiser.


Nugget Bark Collection - large Nugget

Large Nugget  (2 to 5 in.)

Experience the impressive beauty of our Large Douglas Fir Nuggets (2 to 5 in.). Meticulously flat screened and double picked to remove white wood, these sculptured nuggets add a unique touch to any landscape. Ideal for high-wind areas, rugged terrain, or coastal locations, they effortlessly combine durability with visual appeal.Available in Molalla only


Orchid Bark

  • Delve into the world of orchid care with our specialized orchid bark products.
  • Discover the perfect blend of texture, moisture retention, and aeration for optimal orchid growth.
Nugget Bark Collection - orchid bark varieties

Introducing our Orchid Bark collection, available in both Small and Medium sizes. Carefully screened to remove fines, cambium, and white wood, these bark options provide an optimal medium for plant propagation. The Small Orchid Bark ranges from 1/8 to 1/4 inch, while the Medium Orchid Bark spans from 1/4 to 3/8 inch. Nurture and propagate your plants with confidence using our high-quality Orchid Bark selections.Available in Longview, Molalla, Central Point, Weiser



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