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Medium Hemlock Bark Product Details

Welcome to Pacific Fibre Products, where our commitment to excellence meets the natural beauty of our surroundings. Medium Hemlock Bark—a testament to the quality and diversity of our offerings.

Derived from the resilient Hemlock trees within our forests, our 3/4 minus Hemlock Bark stands as a unique solution crafted for various landscaping needs. This premium material, with its sliverless nature, provides a clean, hassle-free ground cover, ideal for diverse applications.

Why choose our Hemlock Bark? It’s more than just a ground cover; it’s a testament to the resilience of the Hemlock species. This specialized bark possesses an exceptional ability to create visually appealing and uniform ground coverage, perfect for residential landscapes. Its sliverless quality ensures safety and comfort in high-traffic areas, fostering an enjoyable outdoor experience.

Our Screened 3/4 Minus Hemlock Bark, available in bright and dark shades, offers versatility and aesthetic appeal, catering to the specific needs of your landscaping projects.

At Pacific Fibre Products, we pride ourselves on curating products that not only enhance aesthetics but also prioritize safety and functionality. Whether you seek uniform ground cover or a safe environment for leisure and practical purposes, our Hemlock Bark delivers the ideal solution.

Specifications: 3/4 minus (Medium) Hemlock Bark

available in bright and dark shades.

Uses: Our Sliverless 3/4 Minus Hemlock Bark is designed for various landscaping applications, offering a clean and uniform ground cover. Its sliverless nature ensures safety and comfort, making it perfect for high-traffic areas in residential landscapes.

Application: Apply our Screened Hemlock Bark at a depth of 3″-4″ for new landscapes and 1″-2″ for existing beds to achieve the desired clean and uniform ground cover.

Experience the difference—transform your outdoor space with the resilience and aesthetic appeal of our 3/4 minus Hemlock Bark. Join us in embracing nature’s gift, carefully processed and delivered with expertise and passion.

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