Landscape Bark Products

At Pacific Fibre Products, our unwavering dedication is centered on delivering premium landscape bark products that redefine excellence. Although we exclusively focus on wholesale operations and do not handle retail sales, we’re here to assist you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us; we’ll gladly connect you with a valued distributor in your area.

This commitment to excellence is evident in our operational precision. Here, we meticulously maintain our yards to ensure unrivaled landscape bark quality, safeguarding against contamination.

Moreover, with strategically situated production sites, we guarantee a consistent and dependable supply. Complemented by our state-of-the-art truck fleet, we pride ourselves on swift deliveries—measured in days, not weeks. For orders, reach out to our dispatch at 360-636-5191 between 5 am and midnight or establish a personalized connection by emailing your orders.

Experience unparalleled reliability, where exceptional product quality meets unparalleled customer service at Pacific Fibre.

Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces with Our Premier Landscape Bark Collection

Dive deeper into our Barkdust & Walk-On Bark Product Collection- Bright Medium Fir barkdust image

Barkdust & Walk-On Bark Product Collection

Discover unparalleled value. Barkdust ensures affordable quality, mastering moisture control and weed suppression. Meanwhile, Walk-On bark offers durability and visual allure—a perfect blend for a captivating landscape. Dive deeper to unveil how these choices redefine your outdoor space.

Explore further Premier Hemlock Bark Collection(Dark Medium Hemlock bark Image)

Premier Hemlock Bark Collection

Embrace excellence. Hemlock Bark extends the benefits of barkdust, enhancing landscapes with richer hues and a splinter-free experience. Explore further to discover how Hemlock Bark elevates both aesthetics and functionality.

Explore our Landscape Bark Collection – Cedar Products (Coarse Cedar Chip Image)

 Landscape Bark Products – Cedar


Infuse charm with functionality. Our Cedar Chips not only add visual appeal but also naturally repel pests. Explore how these chips bring character while safeguarding your space against unwelcome visitors.

Uncover more Nuggets & Orchid Landscape Bark Varieties (Medium Nugget Image)

Nuggets & Orchid Landscape Bark Varieties

Merge beauty and function seamlessly. Nuggets captivate with their aesthetic allure while enriching soil health. Orchid Bark, on the other hand, fosters optimal growth conditions for your beloved plants. Uncover more to see how these choices transform your landscape.

Explore the tailored Organic Soil Blend Options- 5-Way Organic Soil Blend image

Organic Soil Blend Options

Effortless enhancement for vibrant soil. Our Soil Blends cater to diverse needs—seeding, raised beds, and potting blends. Explore the tailored options to nurture robust growth in your garden.

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