Cedar Products

At Pacific Fibre Products, we offer a wide selection of high-quality cedar products that are both functional and attractive. From larger cedar chips for dog runs and gardens to serve as a natural pest deterrent, to our NW Play Fibre Pacific Fibres certified playground chips and cedar bark, we provide the perfect solutions for your needs. Explore our range of cedar products today and discover the natural beauty and practicality they bring to your space.

Cedar Chips: Natural, Safe, and Versatile

Cedar chips, the versatile solution for playgrounds, pathways, and dog runs, offer more than meets the eye. Beyond their natural charm, these chemical-free chips serve as reliable insect repellents when utilized around gardens, providing a dual-purpose functionality that merges aesthetics with practicality.

Craft inviting and safe outdoor spaces with our eco-friendly cedar chips. Not only do they enhance the visual appeal of your landscape, but their natural aromatic properties also act as a deterrent to pests, ensuring a serene and bug-free environment.

Explore the multifaceted benefits of our cedar chips—an eco-conscious choice that combines safety, aesthetic appeal, and effective pest deterrence, making it an ideal addition to any outdoor setting.

NW Play Fibre

Northwest Play Fibre: IPEMA-Certified Excellence

Introducing Northwest Play Fibre—an IPEMA-certified engineered wood fiber meticulously crafted from select cedar chips. Tailored specifically for playground manufacturers and wholesalers, our premium-grade product is the hallmark of superior safety, unmatched durability, and captivating aesthetics.

Immerse children in a secure, welcoming play environment with our engineered wood fiber. Crafted exclusively from cedar chips, our product ensures a soft, impact-absorbing surface, meeting the highest safety standards while exuding natural charm and durability.

Elevate your playground offerings with Northwest Play Fibre—experience the unparalleled quality that not only prioritizes safety but also transforms playgrounds into vibrant, inviting spaces where children can play freely and securely.

Duane DeWeese

Bark Sales Manager


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