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Continuously Advancing from Lemmons Trucking Heritage

Pacific Fibre Products owes its evolution to the esteemed legacy of Lemmons Trucking, an icon of transportation excellence for over 75 years. This evolution has driven our logistics fleet, seamlessly integrating rail cars and freight trucks into a comprehensive framework of Logistics Solutions. At the core of our commitment lies a dedication to reliable transportation, prominently showcased through our top-tier Peterbilt trucks.

Lemmons Trucking: Trailblazers of Dependable Transportation

Originating in Longview, Lemmons Trucking laid the cornerstone for Pacific Fibre’s incredible journey. With 75 years of unwavering commitment to transportation excellence, Lemmons Trucking remains pivotal in the Pacific Fibre legacy. Our distinctive Peterbilt trucks symbolize our steadfast dedication to reliable transportation, adeptly handling various cargoes like wood chips and premium bark products. From prominent truck showcases to facilitating deliveries of forest products, our versatile fleet solidifies Lemmons Trucking’s reliability across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Discover the Heritage of Lemmons Trucking – The Dynamic Force behind Pacific Fibre Products.

Lemmons trucking- Pac Fibre Logistics Solutions

Rail Cars: Extending Reach with Logistics Solutions

Strategic investments in gondola railcars propelled Pacific Fibre’s delivery network beyond local borders. This initiative streamlined the transport of premium beauty bark products across California and the Western region, a testament to our commitment to innovative Logistics Solutions.

Pac Fibre Logistics Rail cars

Freight Trucks: Diversified Logistics Solutions

Complementing our railcar initiative, our strategic utilization of dry vans broadens our logistical capabilities, catering to diverse destinations. By harnessing both rail cars and dry vans, our holistic Logistics Solutions ensure convenience and punctuality, tailored to meet our customers’ distinct requirements.

Experience the Superiority of Lemmons Trucking and Pacific Fibre’s comprehensive transportation Solutions, seamlessly merging reliability, efficiency, and exceptional customer service.

Freight truck loading- Logistics solutions

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