Ground Barkdust

Fine and Medium Grade Barkdust:

    • Step into our world of fine and medium grades of ground fir barkdust, offering a range of textures and consistencies.
    • Achieve the ideal balance of softness and durability for mulching, pathways, and garden beds.
    • Elevate your landscaping with our premium barkdust options, providing enhanced moisture retention, weed suppression, and erosion control.
barkdust offerings - 1/4 minus fines

Fine Fir Barkdust (bright and dark)

Enhance your landscaping with our premium Fine Screened Douglas Fir Bark. With its clean and uniform texture, this high-quality bark adds beauty to ground cover, prevents weed growth, and enriches soil naturally. Available in Bright and Dark shades at our Longview, North Plains, Molalla, Central Point, and Weiser locations.


Medium Fir Barkdust (bright and dark)

Medium Fir Bark, a highly sought-after product valued for its exceptional quality and versatility in the Northwest. Meticulously ground and screened to a medium size, this bark offers a perfect balance of weed suppression and aesthetic appeal. It is well-suited for a range of landscaping applications, including mulching and creating attractive surface layers in garden beds. Our premium Medium Screened Douglas Fir Bark is available at our Longview, North Plains, and Molalla locations.


Walk-On Barkdust

  • Take the next stride with our specialized walk-on barkdust, carefully crafted for pathways and high-traffic areas.
  • Experience a surface that effortlessly blends comfort and resilience, preserving all the advantages of barkdust.
  • Enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your outdoor spaces with this practical solution, bridging the gap between fine/medium ground bark and nugget/chunk bark.
Barkdust Collection walk-on

Supreme Walk On (½ to 1 ½ Inch)

Standard Walk On (1 1/2 to 3 Inch)

Walk On Bark, the ideal ground covering. Choose from two sizes to meet your needs: Supreme Walk On (½ to 1 ½ inches) and Standard Walk On (1 ½ to 3 inches). These versatile barks offer exceptional erosion control for windy areas and slopes while creating a natural forest floor aesthetic with their blended shredded materials. Supreme Walk On is perfect for blower truck application, and both variants work beautifully for walking paths and trails. Discover Walk On Bark at our Longview, Molalla, and Weiser locations, guaranteeing reliable erosion control and visually appealing surfaces. Please note that Supreme Walk On is available everywhere Walk On Bark is offered, except for Central Point. Enhance your landscapes with Walk On Bark today!

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Bark Sales Manager

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