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Discover a trove of articles narrating our compelling journey—ventures that have not only reshaped industry norms but also spearheaded expansions that usher in fresh opportunities. Moreover, these articles encapsulate success stories that go beyond mere triumphs, embodying our steadfast commitment to continuous innovation and unwavering excellence. They echo our core values, propelling progress and fostering substantial impact across multifaceted sectors.

Experience firsthand the narratives of Pacific Fibre’s impressive growth trajectory, strategic investments, and substantial contributions resonating across diverse industries. Each article serves as a snapshot capturing our journey—every expansion, investment, and success story, meticulously paving the path toward a future defined by innovation, sustainability, and enduring change.

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Pac Fibre Soils Canby News:

Pacific Fibre Products selling operation in Canby


Pac Fibre Soils Canby News:

Farwest celebrates 50 years in style

“Longtime exhibitor Pac Fibre Soils of Canby, Oregon came with a strategy to bring fun and business connections together. They created a treasure hunt with four other exhibitors on the expo floor, including Western Pulp Products Company, Walla Walla Nursery Co., Blooming Nursery and OBC Northwest Inc.

Attendees stopped at each booth, putting together their own plant in a container to take home. Returning to Pac Fibre’s booth, they could then claim a bonus prize of a Pac Fibre beverage bottle. This fun treasure hunt brought extra traffic and engagement to all five booths.

“Everyone loved it,” said Nate Marsh, sales manager. “It brought in new contacts. It was that soft opening for people that probably wouldn’t have looked at us.” He went on to say that the 2023 Farwest Show was “probably the best it’s been in five years. Seeing where your network takes you opens up new possibilities.”


Pacific Fibre Weiser Expansion News:

This bark won’t bite: Pacific Fibre Products announces Weiser facility



Pacific Fibre Weiser Expansion News:

Pacific Fibre coming to Weiser




Pacific Fibre Longview Trucking News:

Truck Yard Improvements


Pacific Fibre Longview Log Yard News:

Thinking Outside the Diesel Box