Soil Blends

We take great pride in offering a product line consisting solely of soil blends crafted from pure organic materials. Our commitment lies in guaranteeing that our blends remain entirely free from any chemical additives, preserving their inherent natural and organic composition.

Pac Fibre Soils, a Division of Pacific Fibre Products. Explore our Professional Soils Line, featuring 1.5 cubic foot retail bags. Click the link to discover our premium soil solutions, meticulously curated in-house blends, and expertly crafted custom soil mixes. Achieve optimal growth and exceptional outcomes tailored to your unique requirements.

2-Way Blend

Introducing our revived 2-Way Soil, an excellent choice for various landscaping applications. This versatile blend, composed of sand and forest humus, is perfect for turf top dressing, spot seeding, and new planting areas. Whether you need to level uneven areas, improve the appearance of your lawn, or establish new planting zones, our 2-Way Soil is the ideal solution. With a pH of 5.9, it provides the optimal conditions for successful turf growth. Now available at our Longview, Molalla, and Weiser locations, you can harness the benefits of this revitalized product for your landscaping needs.


3-Way Blend

The perfect solution for prepping your lawn for seed application. This exceptional blend combines nutrient-rich forest humus, premium topsoil, sand, and essential amendments. With a balanced pH of 5.5, our 3-Way Soil provides an optimal growing environment, ensuring excellent seed germination and establishing a vibrant, healthy lawn that you can enjoy for years to come.available for pick up in Longview, WA, Molalla, OR, North Plains, OR, and Weiser, ID to get your hands on this top-quality soil blend


4-Way Blend

Our nutrient-rich 4-Way Soil, designed specifically for vegetable gardens and as a top dressing for existing garden beds, is a powerhouse of fertility for optimal plant growth. This exceptional mix combines organic compost, forest humus, topsoil, sand, and essential amendments. With a balanced pH of 6.2, it provides a nourishing environment, promoting robust root development and yielding bountiful harvests in your vegetable garden, while also revitalizing and enriching existing beds. Currently available at our Longview location, it will soon be coming to Molalla, OR, and Weiser, ID.


5-Way Potting Mix

Our premium 5-Way Soil is a meticulously formulated potting soil blend, designed to enhance plant growth and promote excellent drainage. This exceptional blend serves as a versatile house blend, catering to all your planting requirements. Enriched with pumice and carefully selected amendments, our 5-Way Soil ensures optimal aeration and moisture control for your plants. With a pH of 6.8, this high-quality blend provides the perfect growing medium for healthy and thriving plants in any setting. Currently available in Longview, it will soon be coming to Molalla, providing you with a top-quality soil blend for your gardening needs.


Cedar Products

Cedar Chips

Ideal for playgrounds, pathways, and dog runs. These natural, chemical-free chips also double as a reliable insect repellent when used around gardens. Create inviting outdoor spaces with our eco-friendly solution that combines aesthetics, safety, and pest deterrence.

NW Play Fibre

NW Play Fibre

our IPEMA-certified engineered wood fiber made exclusively from cedar chips. Designed for playground manufacturers and wholesalers, our premium product ensures superior safety, durability, and aesthetics, creating a welcoming and secure play environment for children. Experience the quality of Northwest Play Fibre and elevate your playground offerings today.

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