Lemmons Trucking, a subsidiary of Pacific Fibre Products, is our vital logistical backbone, ensuring efficient and reliable product delivery across diverse locations. For over 75 years, as a family-owned business, we have established ourselves as a premier wood-products industry trucking company renowned for delivering quality and dependable service. With our team of 50 professional drivers and mechanics, we embody the core belief that nothing beats reliability in products or people. This philosophy permeates every aspect of our operations, including our unwavering commitment to safety. Our experienced drivers, many with over 15 years of service, contribute to our exceptional track record and ensure the highest standards of reliability on the road. Experience the difference with Lemmons Trucking. Contact our friendly dispatchers at 360-636-5191 for hassle-free quotes and exceptional customer service.

Efficient Transportation Solutions

At Lemmons Trucking, we offer a diverse fleet of chip trailers, walking floors, dry vans, dump trucks, end dumps, and flatbeds designed to handle various cargo, including wood chips and our premium bark products. Our reliable transportation services cater to customers in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. For hassle-free quotes and exceptional customer service, simply reach out to our friendly dispatchers at 360-636-5191. Experience the difference with Lemmons Trucking.



Pacific Fibre is dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service. Recognizing the importance of efficient and reliable transportation, we made a significant investment by purchasing our own fleet of gondola railcars. This strategic decision allows us to streamline the transportation process and ensure timely delivery of our premium beauty bark products to transload yards and customers throughout California and the Western region. Experience the enhanced convenience and reliability of our rail transportation solutions at Pacific Fibre.

Transportation— Freight Trucks

In addition to our rail car program, we strategically use dry vans as a complementary tool to enhance our transportation capabilities. By utilizing dry vans, we expand our logistical options and increase flexibility in reaching diverse destinations. With the ability to navigate a vast network of roads, dry vans enable us to deliver goods directly to customers’ doors, providing convenience and timely service. By leveraging the advantages of both rail cars and dry vans, we offer a comprehensive transportation solution that caters to the unique needs of our customers.

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Logistics Manager

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